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Specialist in employment and commercial law

Employment law Contracts Witness statements Settlement agreements Schedule of loss Hearings, ET1 and ET3 Direct access Compensation


"We were quoted over £20,000 by a highly regarded employment law firm to defend a sex discrimination case in the employment tribunal.  Pump Court were able to offer the same service for under £10,000 and we were happy to carry out some of the administration and bundle preparation ourselves."

Online Training Comapny, Hampshire.


Save £££ by going direct

Working directly with a barrister can be cheaper, faster and more efficient than using a solicitor. I work on a fixed fee basis, so there are no surprises.  By coming to me directly and by undertaking some preparatory work yourself, you can keep your legal costs to a  minimum.

I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable support this week in getting the "job done".  I have very high expectations of myself and those I work with, this I know can be frustrating for some especially compounded by my over anxious state of mind - former director of major supermarket

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I draft contracts of employment and commercial contracts.  I am also happy to advise as to various terms of a contract and whether they are enforceable.  I often advise as to whether there has been a breach of contract and what the damages might be as a result.  I act for a range of people and businesses with all different types of contractual problems which keeps thinkgs really intresting for me.  I am well placed to advise how to protect your interests and as to the enforceability of restrictive covenants and injunctive relief.